January 30, 2021

Happiness - 1

Humans are a lot of things, but one thing we are not is "perfect".

I know life sometimes feels like crashing down, everything is meaningless and nothing is satisfactory.
I have been through these thoughts for multiple months for multiple times.
And one thing I have realized that no one and nothing can ever will make you happy. You'll have to be responsible for your own happiness.
Because this is who we are as humans. It's in a way a choice if you want to be happy or not.
Yes, there are a lot of hard times, which can weigh us down.
but the other side is, it won't be that way forever. If we choose to be free and expect the way things should be and keep a light heart and just live in the moment with some personal goals.
Some of those problems will fade away.
I am not saying our lives will become perfect. Because if it ever becomes perfect.
There will nothing remain for us to strive for.

If we'll try to look for it we'll find a lot of good things about our life.
I am not saying to give up the idea of striving towards something.

Life will always be what it is and we might never know what it is.
But we can either choose the bad parts and stay unhappy forever or we can choose some good parts and be happy while working on few bad parts.

The most important story is the story we tell ourselves about ourself